We Have Vox Books That Talk

Thank you, Walmart for the wonderful grant!

What are VOX™ Books?

VOX™ Books capture children’s attention by combining picture books with audio recordings. It makes learning and literacy development exciting! Inside of the front cover is a permanently attached 5mm VOX™ Reader device which reads aloud at every flip of a page. Children simply push a button to listen while they read.

VOX™ Has Great Features

  • Book with full audio recording.
  • Simply push a button to listen and read from beginning to end.
  • Use with headphones jack or listen with the built-in speaker.
  • Fully portable! No Wi-Fi or data needed.
  • “Kid tough”

The library has 20 or so books, both fiction and non fiction for kids.

Ask us about Vox when you drop by the library!

How to Use VOX™